Black Breeding Farm #5-3

Where white husbands send their unsuspecting wives to be successfully inseminated by VERY aggressive Black Bulls. They do not return back home until the wives have been passed around and pumped full of baby making seed multiple times to ensure pregnancy. These are the TRUE DVDs of superior black seed breeding innocent white wives.==========================================================Kassidy left Christie alone this time. This was the last insemination of the weekend and she wanted Christie to be alone with her potential Black Breeder. Christie looked so innocent in sheer nude color pantyhose and dressed in all white. She was instructed to dress this way from the Breeding Farm management. When the Breeding Farm needs to ensure impregnation, they bring this particular black bull in. His reputation to inseminate white wives is legendary. He wasted no time as he yanked her pantyhose down around her knee’s and entered her. His thick cock made Christie grunt and groan as her pussy grasped around his black cock as he thrust so deep, it popped into her eager womb with each lunge. Suddenly his entire body quivered, as he lunged deep one last time and kept his thick black cock buried in Christie’s womb as he pumped a massive amount of superior black seed directly into it. This was the Breeding Farm’s 6th and final insemination of this weekend. She was then instructed to go directly home, with no shower. She was also instructed to spread her pussy lips wide open to show her husband how stretched out she was and for him to push his fingers inside so he can taste what SUPERIOR BLACK SEED tastes like. IT ONLY TOOK ONE BREEDING SESSION FOR KASSIDY TO BE SUCCESSFULLY IMPREGNANTED BY BLACK. Will Christie be the same? Stay tuned…

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