Black Baby Seed In My Womb #2-2

…I felt so used, so cheap, as my pantyhose was ripped to shreds as he was on top of me, ramming his cock in. He loved that I kiss him so deeply and passionately as our tongues intertwined. He told me that was more intimate than fucking. And he was right. I felt so ashamed, yet I couldn’t stop. I had to. And the more I kissed him like that, the more urgent his thrusts became, until he cried out that he was breeding me, and let go of another huge load of baby making sperm in my loose, dirty hole. When my husband asked if I could feel his seed spurting inside me, I screamed, "Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss…….." as he emptied it all in my abused hole. And to both our amazement, when he pulled out, there was a massive cream pie, just like the first one . I …KNOW…I am pregnant now! A young black bull…two huge loads of seed…equals one inseminated whore wife!

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